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Month: March 2018

Do Multiple WordPress Categories Hurt Your SEO?

Categories are a great feature of WordPress (and many other blog platforms), but as we all know (well you should), duplicate content can really hurt Google ratings.  This is the same whether you have duplicate content on the one...

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My Linux Command Line Rendering

Introduction If you’ve read one of my previous Linux related posts you’ve probably noticed the snazzy CCS that I use.  The CSS I’m referring to is used to render the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) examples....

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Farewell Ami Duos

Poor Ami Duos.  They say that all things must come to an end.  Some software goes on for years and years through many versions (even when it doesn’t deserve to).  Some pieces of software barely glimpse the daylight before...

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Backing Up To The Cloud

Backups are the one thing you HAVE to get right.  Backing up to the cloud can help. Tapes where pretty much the only way of backing up for years.  Slow and cumbersome, these were then replaced for many by hard drives – though...

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