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About Me

Craig R Holmes

So who am I anyway ….. and why should you believe a word I say?  Well that’s me on the left – don’t I look like the kind of chap you can trust?

Starting work way back in 1986 when Bulletin Boards were the Internet of their day and a 1MBps download  was the thing of dreams my first few jobs were programming bespoke accounts packages on 8086/286/386 desktops.  After a brief year or two working as a IT trainer I ended back programming on bigger kit from venerable suppliers such as ICL (System 25), Wang, DEC and IBM. 

About that time tech was starting to take off with gadgets of varying degrees of naffness and I moved into a hardware / infrastructure role leading a small team of engineers.

From that moment on, my path was pretty much set, straddling development, software, infrastructure and management on the way to becoming Group IT Director for what was then the UK’s largest independent marketing group. 

Of course life never stays still, and I now find myself working at the heart of an independent Cloud Services Provider with every day bringing something new and interesting using all the latest technology.

Career Beliefs

  • Always put the customer at the heart of what you do – whether external or internal.
  • If you ever find IT boring – retire.
  • Every day’s a school day.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Don’t be a fanboy, be platform agnostic.

(Wow – sounds like I’m applying for a Job!)

Every morning I wake up and can’t believe the damned fools pay me to do what I love.