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Category: Linux

Prevent writes to an unmounted drive

It’s a strange quirk of the way Linux mounts drives, that it is entirely possible to write to the wrong drive.  So with that in mind we’re going to look at how to prevent writes to an unmounted drive. MOUNTING BASICS (very) As...

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Installing the Zabbix Agent on Ubuntu 18.04LTS

About the Zabbix agent The Zabbix agent extends the functionality of Zabbix server checks by giving a deeper insight into server metrics.  Whilst you can monitor an Ubuntu  server with a simple ping or SNMP, installing  the...

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Adding a New Drive to Ubuntu 18.04LTS

It’s not every day that you add a new drive to your desktop or server.  And whilst adding a drive to Ubuntu with a GUI is relatively simple, adding a drive from the command line is …. well … pretty simple too actually.  You just...

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