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Hold Onto Your Pay – Amazon Prime Day UK is Coming

Hold Onto Your Pay – Amazon Prime Day UK is Coming

Spend it Wisely

For many of us of us in good old Blighty, Black Friday was a welcome import from across the pond.  Likewise Cyber Monday has become a thing.  Officially the day when the most money is spent online.  This pre-christmas spending bonanza, like its Black Friday cousin seems a long way off.  Especially as we swelter under the current UK heatwave.  And then there’s Amazon Prime Day.

Whilst Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem like eons away – Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner.

This year’s Amazon Prime Day is slated for 16th July and usually comes with lots of useful savings.  Which is handy as many of us are just as we’re about to go on our jollies.

Of course sales are also the time when manufacturers and retailers get rid of those poorly selling lines.  So buy with care.

The best way to handle Amazon Prime  is to make a list of the things you want /need to buy.  With list in hand, hold off buying them until you see if there are any great deals to be had.  What’s more, keep to your list.  If you haven’t put it on the list you obviously don’t want / need it so don’t be tempted just because of the price.

Holding off is not great for all the other retailers out there – but hey – it’s your money and it’s been a tough few years.  You might as well get as many goodies as you can for your hard earned pound.

As it’s the end of the month you’ve probably just been paid – so try to hold onto it for a couple of weeks and see what deals can be had.

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