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Is Facebook loosing its shine?

Is Facebook loosing its shine?

Is Facebook loosing its shine?  I’ve noticed over the last few weeks a distinct drop in the banal posts friends and family have made compared with last year’s Christmas season.

Personally I’m not a big Facebook fan.  I hardly ever post and to be honest, I rarely take a look when I get a notification – so perhaps I’m not the best Bell Weather for Facebook trending.

Of course Facebook is no longer the new kid on the block.  It’s now on par with Google, Microsoft and all the other large American corporations and with that comes a dulling of its hipster veneer.

It’s no longer the shiny new thing that attracts the youngsters and its problems with fake news, data usage, terrorism posts and perceived control are just a few of the things that may be driving users away.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is not going to disappear over night or any time soon, and certainly has time to repair the damage it’s doing to itself.

Of course with the next shiny new thing on the horizon, Facebook needs to keep on top of its game (or buy the shiny new thing I guess).

What I find amazing is not that people post their pictures, lives and thoughts to the platform, but that companies seem happy to give over trust of their brands to platforms like Facebook.

Though if you want to sell, I guess you have to go where everyone’s hanging out.

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