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Microsoft Live Writer Alive And Kicking

Microsoft Live Writer Alive And Kicking

Those of you who’ve been Blogging using Windows for the last few years, you’ve probably come across Microsoft Live Writer.  And many of you (like me) were probably sad to see its demise.

As part of the Windows Live Essentials suite it reached End of Life back in January 2017 (see here).

There really was nothing quite like the Live Writer package for Bloggers.  Whilst there are other pieces of software for Windows out there – nothing was quite as slick or extensible.

Editing your Blogs online is OK, but there are drawbacks – not least if you’re travelling and don’t have a connection.

Unlike the demise of AMI DUOS mentioned in the post Farewell Ami Duos, Microsoft in it’s great wisdom decided to release the code as Open Source.  With a slight re-branding it’s available for download again over at

Whilst there’s clearly some work still to be done on the project it’s more than usable.  It has issues downloading some skins, and the plugin area is missing at the moment.  But for creating and editing posts it works well.

One of the best things with Open Live Writer is its ability to accept cut and paste images straight into the post.

So if you’re feeling a little reminiscent about Live Writer, or you want to try a different way of creating and editing your posts, you could do a lot worse than install Open Live Writer.

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