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New Year New Site New Platform

New Year New Site New Platform

A New Year, time for a site refresh.

If you’ve been following one of my blogs, you’ll know I’ve worked extensively with WordPress.  But DotNetNuke has been my CMS of choice.  For corporate environments where integration with Active Directory, Exchange and all things Microsoft is desirable DNN is great.

Hence my personal blogs have also run on DNN.

DNN is an excellent platform and far superior to WordPress for many applications.  For  blogs, WordPress is the leader for good reason.

And so as 2018 comes into focus after a heady mix of Christmas Cruises, a real life Lady and a well known Actress (no I’m not telling you anything more), I made the decision to have a clean sweep and brush away the old site and content for something new and fresh.

If you’re wondering where all the old posts have gone don’t worry, I haven’t thrown them all away (yet).  I’ll dust off some of the old stuff and refresh it

For now stay tuned as I tweak the design and get back on the Blogging Bandwagon.

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