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Two Days to HTTPocalypse

Two Days to HTTPocalypse

You read my post Act Now or Lose Website Visitors back in February and thought “I’ll get around to it”.  Now July is here and you’ve forgotten all about it.  Remember – all that stuff about HTTP and HTTPS?

In two days time Google will be releasing Chrome 68 which has the potential to devastate your visitor numbers.  Aah it’s all coming back now is it?

Remind ME Will You?

Well you could just click the link above but OK.  Chrome 68 will be released in two days and if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate your visitors will be warned your site isn’t safe.

If your users visit your site via http rather than https Google Chrome may scare away visitors.  Chrome will now give your visitors a “not safe” warning.

Cater for http and https?  Remember to redirect http to https if your site accepts  both secure and non-secure connections.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate to give you that all important HTTPS connection for your visitors, you’d better get your finger out and get one installed.

How Do I Do That Then?

For Windows users you could do worse than take a look at the post Installing an SSL Certificate on Windows 2012.

If you’re a WordPress user then there is a great article here (yes I never got around to writing one myself).

Do I Really Need An SSL Certificate

You don’t NEED one, but without one you’re likely to see visitor numbers drop.  And whilst Chrome is the only browser to do warnings in this way – the other main browsers may follow suit and Chrome now has about 60% of the browser market share – so get your finger out!

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