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Why ITEnvoy?

Why ITEnvoy?

So what’s with the Blog name?  Why ITEnvoy?

I’ve always been a big believer in putting the user at the forefront of IT.  Whilst many of my colleagues – past and present see users as just people who get in the way of computers and networks running smoothly, I 100% believe in the service element of IT.

To assist users, educate them and help them get the most out of their IT experience is something that’s important to me.  When managing IT staff previously, I always tried to impress on them that they are the envoys, the ambassadors for the department; and how they interact with users affects not only user’s perceptions of the IT department; but also has a direct impact on users experience at work.

Of course it’s not always easy.  I’m sure most of us have had stressed out users, probably even angry users, upset with slow workstations, loss of work, printers out of toner, and especially their own inability to understand how to “work this thing.”

Computers are tools (yeah some users too OK), but tools should help, they shouldn’t get in the way.

I’ve always found that putting yourself in your user’s shoes helps keep you and them calm.  Letting them know that you’re on their side, you understand their frustrations and that at least you have a plan to make things better.

And if you can’t because accounts tells you you can’t buy that SSD upgrade that will make Dave’s laptop so much faster, let Dave know.

Much of the frustration users experience is in either not being kept in the loop or just feeling IT doesn’t care, and that shouldn’t be the case.


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