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Why Write A Technical Blog?

Why Write A Technical Blog?

I mentioned last week that I’m going to change a few things around here, more posts, more news, more projects.  Whilst I shared with you way back at the start of the year here why the blog is called IT Envoy, why write a technical blog anyway?

Sharing What I know

There are two types of IT professionals – those who don’t like to share what they know and those that do.  I do.

Sharing experiences and knowledge is a great thing to do.  In many ways this blog is a journal of the weekly stuff I come across inside and outside of work.

Writing a blog can also help with the old memory.  Writing an article on how to do something will inevitably help it to stick around amongst those misfiring neurons.

Writing an article also helps to put things in proper order and consider things you may not otherwise have considered.  Many of us work out how to do things from past experience, manuals and variously Googled articles.  We put the bits together to suit our needs.  Producing an article with all those bits  in a sensible order can help the writer as much as the reader.

Is it Hard Work?

If you’re thinking of starting a technical blog it’s a great thing to do but a technical ‘how to’ post can take quite a bit of time to write and some thinking.

Apart from the research, planning, writing, testing and uploading, little things can take time too.  Monitoring and replying to comments, keeping your site up-to-date with the latest security patches, even finding the right image for an article can take longer than you may think.

You may want to specialise in a specific subject – especially if you work on one thing most of the time.  I’m lucky in that my day job is wide and varied and I have exposure to lots of different technologies.

What Should You Write About?

Luckily I never seem to be short of something to write about. Here’s my guide.

  • Write about what you’ve learnt about this week.
  • Write about the issues you’re having – whether or not you’ve solved them – then write a follow up with the solution.
  • Rather than just short articles and how to articles, a project could give you posts for weeks or even months.
  • Write about what interests you.
  • Specialise or generalise – which would you rather do?

Whilst blogging can be hard work sometimes, it can also be fun and rewarding so why not join the blogger club?

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